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Vinyl Record Wall Mount Shelf

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The perfect way to display and store your records on the wall in style. These simple, floating brackets hold 1 record per bracket displaying it unobstructed. Each shelf is 3D printed with PLA plastic to stylishly display your vinyl.


- Installs effortlessly with putty or Command Strips.

- For the most secure installation, install with screws.

- Displays albums safely with no damage to walls or covers

- Is great for renters

- Is easy to remove and reuse

- Is expandable (order and use as many brackets as required)

- Creates a visual display that can be changed whenever you feel like it

- Ceminds you every day of just how good your vinyl collection really is


- 3D printed with PLA plastic

- 3.81 x 0.70 x 0.82 inches

- Each shelf holds one record.

- Available in black, white, silver or bronze.

The records are easily accessed for playing, simply slide them out to use.

Our wall mount shelf makes your vinyl a feature that looks great in every room. Showcase one album or 100, it’s all up to you. Unpack those albums, bring them back into the light, and love that sound that only vinyl brings.

Recommended set up:

Space Stands 15 inches apart on center - horizontal and vertical. (15 inches from center of one stand to center of next stand)

This will leave a grid pattern with 1.5 inch between each album.


- Not recommended on uneven, rough, or unsealed surfaces.

- Please make sure the mounting method you use secures the shelf and holds the weight of your record. If unsure, please install using screws.

- Please note these are display stands, not the albums themselves.


Seller is not responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the use of the product(s) sold. Any person who attempts to install product, using hardware purchased here, needs to be capable of making a safe and secure installation. If there is any doubt that the installation is safe and secure, or if you cannot guarantee the safety of the installation, then do not proceed with the installation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure a safe and secure installation of the hardware purchased. If the hardware received cannot be used to make a safe and secure installation, then stop and contact Seller for advice or return the product for a full refund. Always consult the manual for the product the hardware was purchased for, before attempting installation. The hardware must be installed by experts.

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