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Life Turntable Slipmat - Audiophile-Grade Cork | Quetzal Studio

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Crafted in Texas, our premium cork slipmat embodies the finest in audio and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Born from our 100% solar-powered workshop, it symbolizes a fusion of art, technology, and sustainability.


  • Material: Premium cork, available in ¼ or ⅛ inch thickness.
  • Dimensions: 11.6 inches in diameter.
  • Design: Laser-engraved.


  • Superior Vibration Absorption: Ensures pristine sound quality for your vinyl records.
  • Static-Repellant: Protects your records from unwanted static interference.
  • Sustainable Production: Produced in a solar-powered workshop, reducing carbon footprint.
  • Texas Made: Designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled with pride in Texas.


  • Place the slipmat on your turntable's platter.
  • Ensure the slipmat sits flat for optimal performance.
  • For custom designs or bespoke requirements, reach out to us directly.
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