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Aladdin Music Box - A Whole New World

$24.99 $34.99

Relive the magical story from Arabian Nights. It wont release a genie when you crank it more than 3 times, but you'll be happy you did.

This original crankshaft mechanism has been placed in a natural wood box that has been designed by Quetzal Studio. Hand crank the handle to play your favorite song. Enjoy and share the magical notes with your friends and family by placing the instrument on a hard surface like wood, glass, etc. and turn the crank clock-wise.

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Song A Whole New World
Figurine Aladdin and Jasmine on Magic Carpet
Dimensions 56x46x104mm (2.2x1.8x4 in)
Material Premium Baltic Birch Plywood
Mechanism 18 Note, Manual, Hand-Cranked (Does not wind-up)
Origin Designed,manufactured and hand-assembled in Texas, USA.
Features Plays around 10 seconds of the song
Notes Due to the nature of the wood grains, every wooden boxes wood grain will vary slightly from the items shown in the pictures.
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